Podcast Ep 7 – How to seek Remain – with Mike Buckley

My guest in the latest episode is Mike Buckley. Mike is a political campaigner who has been seeking social and political change for many years, most recently as head of the ‘Labour for a public vote’ campaign.

I got to know Mike after my social change consultancy Praxis had prepared a report in 2019 to set out the strategy the Remain campaign needed to take if there were a second referendum on Brexit. In the end of course this report wasn’t needed!

Our conversation took place at a very interesting point, when the Labour party was recovering from a massive election defeat to the Conservatives, and as a consequence Brexit was going to happen. Mike was taking stock of what had gone well and what hadn’t in the campaign, and gave some very honest and passionate answers.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. Listen to it here.

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