I provide sensitive, insightful coaching to people at all stages in their lives and careers, both in the workplace and in a personal capacity, to help you stand back from daily life and think more clearly about any issue – from your career to your personal priorities in life.

I’ve helped multi-millionaires who’ve sold their businesses to find their direction again, Chief Executives to manage turbulent times, Directors to transition into their new roles and junior contacts to review their direction and build their skills. How could I help you or your team?

“Your insightfulness and clear thinking helped me unlock the answers…I have been able to see and plan for the things that I really wanted to achieve in life in a way that I wasn’t able to before.Anonymous client

My coaching services include:

  • Support and sounding board – for senior staff, including Chief Executives.
  • Coaching, mentoring and support – for teams and individual staff.
  • Refresh and reflect sessions – a regular chance to step back from your work and take a walk with me, where you can reflect and take stock. Useful for people in busy roles, or those feeling stressed or under pressure.
  • Life coaching for individuals – sessions to help you see life more clearly, explore issues and challenges, identify your goals and move towards them in a more effective way.

Our sessions can be run online or in person, depending on what’s needed. These usually take place as regular or a fixed series of sessions but I can be flexible according to your needs. I bill at a fair hourly rate – contact me for details.

I also recognise the importance of nature and the outdoors in helping people to unlock their thinking and gain perspective, so I am open to holding our sessions outside and on walks when it’s appropriate to do so.

In my coaching I bring together my wide range of experience and skills in organisational development, team management and insights from my writing and research. I am also continually building my skills as a helper and listener to ensure I offer my clients the best service I can.

Contact me now to discuss your needs and how I can help.


Special events

I also run special public events to explore big questions of life in interesting ways – including online sessions, walks and residential ‘perspective weekends’, where we can remove ourselves from the fuss of daily life, and do some wonderful activities that help us reflect and get some perspective on our lives.

Details of these events will be pasted below and in the ‘Latest’ section when they come up – I hope to meet you at one of them soon!