Podcast Ep 8 – How eating insects could save the world

My conversation in episode 8 of my podcast ‘Making the world better’ – out now – is with Dr Tilly Collins. Tilly is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College, London.

She runs research projects in a range of environmental areas, but in this episode we talk about her work on how to make global food production more sustainable, and in particular the potential value of insects as a nutritious and sustainable food source for human beings.

You may well have seen a few insect food products making their way on to the shelves of supermarkets as snacks and might have felt the idea of eating insect is a bit of a novelty, and nothing more than that. But in our conversation, Tilly explores the important role they could play in the global food system, and the role they are already playing in many countries around the world.

Tilly shows that there are loads of exciting possibilities for the future of food production that could really help to change the world for the better – not just for the environment, but also for local economies and people’s lives.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. Listen to it here.

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