I’m a consultant, coach and writer helping people, organisations and society to flourish.

I provide consultancy and coaching to organisations and movements seeking to change the world for the better, as well as coaching and workshops to help individuals live better, more thoughtful, lives.

I have over 25 years’ experience of providing strategic and creative consultancy to help a wide range of progressive causes (from Oxfam to the Green Party) gain social change. I have also built and led several successful commercial organisations, including the social change agency ChangeStar and the fundraising agency TW CAT (now On Agency). I have coached people in various work and life situations, and am currently training as a counsellor.

I am also a writer, creator and producer committed to helping human beings understand themselves and the societies they create, so that we can improve individual lives and create a better society. The insights I generate from this work bring greater depth, innovation and impact to the services I provide.

I produce books, guides, podcasts and other materials on a wide range of topics including psychology, philosophy, politics and the art of living. My books include ‘Life – and how to think about it‘, ‘The Life Trap’ and ‘Modern life – as good as it gets?’, and my articles have appeared in a range of magazines and websites – from The Ecologist to Renewal. I am the host of the podcasts ‘Humans & Hope‘, ‘Making the world better’ and ‘The Big Questions with Copson and Docwra’.

I am the founder and director of the not-for-profit Life Squared, which helps people navigate the complexity of life so they can live in a happier, wiser and more meaningful way.

I am also pleased to be a member of the board of Compass – the progressive think tank seeking a good society.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I could help you! Call me on 01273 964018 or email rdocwra@hotmail.com.