Richard Docwra is a writer, coach and consultant.

He’s written books, guides and other publications on a wide range of topics relating to culture, politics and the art of living, including consumerism, ethical living, critical thinking, secular spirituality, the challenges of the modern world and how to appreciate life. He is the author of ‘Modern life – as good as it gets?‘ published by Green Books in 2008, and his articles have appeared in a range of magazines and websites.

Richard also provides consultancy to organisations to help them plan better, communicate better, raise more money, follow their values, see clearly on complex issues and find innovative solutions to problems.

He also runs coaching, workshops and training sessions for individuals and organisations on topics including personal development and how to communicate more effectively with the public.

Richard is the founder and director of social change agency ChangeStar, as well as the not-for-profit organisation Life Squared. He is also the co-founder of campaigning organisation Ad Brake. He has over 20 years experience of helping progressive organisations gain social change, as well as in building successful organisations, including leading charity agency TW CAT (now On Agency) to a 20-fold growth in turnover as Chief Executive.

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