New podcast series out now!

I’m very pleased to report that my new podcast series is out now!  ‘Humans and Hope’ is a podcast about human behaviour – and our hopes of building a better world.
Check it out here – and you’ll find links there to all the usual podcast providers.

In this new series, I want to challenge your views of how we – human beings – think and behave. Most of us have a completely inaccurate view of the creatures we are, and the truth, revealed by researchers over recent decades, is mind-blowing – and could change how we think about our lives and societies.

In each episode I’ll be joined by an expert psychologist to explore one of humanity’s biggest hopes or challenges – including seeking global peace, tackling the spread of misinformation, and preventing climate change. We’ll ask whether each aim is realistic, given the creatures we are. And if we can’t achieve them – what’s the best we can hope for?

All of the conversations I’ve recorded for the series so far have been absolutely fascinating, and I hope you will find them interesting and useful too!


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