Life – and how to think about it

Due for publication 4th March 2021

You are a medium-sized creature living on a small planet in a vast universe. You will be alive for a few decades and will then cease to exist. In this stunning book, Richard Docwra shows how you can make the most of this brief period of living by approaching it in a thoughtful and well-informed way.

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The Life Trap

The Life Trap

You may not know it, but you’re probably caught in the Life Trap. You live in a complex world where you are bombarded daily with a wide range of powerful messages and influences – from advertising to social media – but at no point in your life have you been given the skills or tools you need to manage this assault on your mind.

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Modern life – as good as it gets?

Modern life

We’re always too busy …we try to find happiness through consumption …our media are obsessed by celebrity …our communities are dying …where on earth are we going?

We have wealth that would have seemed inconceivable to previous generations, but many people find their lives deeply unsatisfying. Richard Docwra examines this paradox: he looks beneath the surface to see how we understand, are affected by, and deal with the world in our minds.

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