Podcast Ep 3 – How self affirmation can change our behaviour

I’m very pleased to launch episode 3 of my podcast series today – and it’s one I’ve been looking forward to sharing with people, as it’s such an interesting topic. My conversation in this podcast is with Professor Peter Harris, who is a professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex.

His academic research investigates how people can be encouraged to respond less defensively to important information – especially about their lifestyles or behaviour. This can be particularly important when you’re trying to get people to make positive changes to their lives – from stopping smoking through to simply learning things. In other words, it could help to achieve social change on a range of issues.

In this conversation with Peter we explore the idea of ‘self affirmation’ and how it can help to change people’s behaviour. We also discuss where the research has got to and what the challenges are in turning it from an interesting academic idea into a real-world solution.

It’s a great topic and I hope you enjoy the episode! Please subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and share it with everyone!

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