New book out now!

I’m delighted to say that my new book ‘Life – and how to think about it’ is out today. It provides a guide to navigating life in a thoughtful and well-informed way. More details here.

You can buy it here and at all other good bookshops.

I love looking at the big picture – of life, human beings, politics, society and ideas – and I wanted to create a book that could help anyone stand back from the pressure and detail of their life and see where they are within the bigger picture, and consider how to make the most of their time on this planet. It aims to provide a map for navigating life – whether you are 8 or 80 years old!

There are many wonderful books out there about specific topics within history, philosophy, psychology, and lots of other fascinating disciplines but there are very few that try to bring together some of the key findings of each of these areas into a coherent whole. One of the aims of this book is to select the information and insights that might be most useful to us in getting perspective on our lives, and drawing these together. I hope the book achieves this aim!

I also wanted to produce something that moved from big picture thinking to practical ideas that people could implement immediately in their own lives, and this book contains some ‘action’ sections to help people do just that. It explores what it means to be alive, what a good life looks like and how we might go about the task of living. It also explores some big questions, including the meaning of life, how to behave, how to think well and how to think about death. Think of it as the user’s manual for life that you’ve always wanted!

I hope you enjoy the book – buy it here and at all other good bookshops.

I would be happy to talk or write more about the book, so if you would like to give interviews, write articles, give talks or have conversations, please get in touch here.

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