Seeing through the fog

We’re living in a time when it’s increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction, discern a real news story from a PR puff piece, understand what a politician is really trying to say, escape from the influence of advertising or work out how to manage our kids’ lives online.

We’re surrounded by hot air, interest groups, information and influence everywhere and it can feel overwhelming. Everyone’s talking at you, trying to influence you, and yet no-one is helping to lead us through this fog, so that we can deal with this stuff and live well-informed, flourishing lives.

One of the reasons I set up the not-for-profit Life Squared was to help people deal with these issues – as no-one else helping them to do so, including the present education system. The modern world has created a unique set of pressures on people that human beings haven’t faced before. Life Squared helps people to understand what these pressures are, deal with them better and then live the lives that they really want.

A couple of good starting points in their (free) resources to help people understand these pressures are:

The Life Trap – and how to escape it

The modern life survival guide

Do get in touch with me if you’d like to find out more about how Life Squared could help.

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