Making the world better

New podcast – Making the world better

I’m very excited to announce that my new #podcast ‘Making the world better’ is now live!

In the podcast, I talk to people who are making the world better – not just those tackling big issues at a global scale but also those working at a local level or in less obvious areas too. I want to find out more about what these people do, the issues they’re working on and why they matter. In the end, I want to pay tribute to everyone who’s trying to make things better.

Each fortnightly episode has a different guest – and we’ve got some brilliant people lined up in the first few shows including CEOs of leading charities, political advisors, academics, fundraisers – and people who are working to help others in their local communities.

The podcast is available from all the usual providers, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts (coming soon) and Google Podcast (coming soon), as well as hosted here on

Please check out the podcast! I’d really appreciate it if you could share it with as many people as you can, and of course follow it on Spotify if you like it. And if you can take one further amazing step, leaving a review on Apple Podcasts (when it’s live there) would be extra helpful and much appreciated.

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