How to wake up happy on June 9th

Remember how shocked you felt waking up to the result of the last General Election? Or how devastated you felt upon hearing that Trump had become President of the United States? Well, if you don’t want to wake up with this feeling on June 9th 2017, you can do something about it.

Politics has taken a worrying turn recently, both in Britain and around the world. We need to beat the rise of the far right and avoid another 5 years of a strengthened Conservative government. To make this happen, progressive people and parties around the UK need to work together in the General Election on 8th June to ensure the Conservatives do not win – or at least don’t win big.

As Zoe Williams notes in The Guardian, “There are now 49 identified seats where the progressive votes combined could unseat the Tory, and a further 48 where a shaky Labour majority could be solidified.”

The Progressive Alliance is a movement for a better politics, where progressive people and parties (including Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party) work together to create the change we want to see in society – greater equality, democracy and sustainability. We want to see a fairer, kinder and more sustainable world, so we will be putting aside our political prejudices and loyalties on 8th June and will vote smart – to ensure the Conservatives don’t get in again.

My home town of Lewes is a good example of the potential of a progressive alliance. Here, the Tories only have a tiny majority of 1,083 – so every vote counts!

Here’s how the parties line up in Lewes:

If you’re someone who voted Conservative last time but are worried about the direction this country or the world is going in, or someone who might normally vote Labour or Green (like me), take the step in this General Election of voting for the progressive party with the best chance of beating the Conservatives in your constituency.

This means in Lewes, I’ll be voting for the Liberal Democrats – for the first time ever.

I’ll be doing so in the knowledge that people in other constituencies are voting for my favoured party in the same way when it has the best chance of beating the Tories.

It’s a simple and powerful way to make the world better. So, at this General Election, please vote smart – and encourage everyone you know to do so as well.

Click here to find out which progressive party to vote for in your constituency.


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