The Life Trap

The Life Trap

How to think for yourself within the pressures and complexity of the modern world.

How’s your life? Busy? Stressed? Unfulfilled?

You may not know it, but you’re probably caught in the Life Trap. You live in a complex world where you are bombarded daily with a wide range of powerful messages and influences – from advertising to social media – but at no point in your life have you been given the skills or tools you need to manage this assault on your mind.

As a result, you have ended up caught in a trap, like most of us in the modern world – living a stifled and restricted life that just follows the dominant ideas of the people and society that surround you. As a consequence, you pursue career achievement and material success, worry about what other people think of you and lead a busy, distracted life. Your life feels meaningless and isolated, yet you don’t know why and are unable to take control and change it.

This book explores what causes the Life Trap and why it matters so much – not just for our own lives but for society as a whole.

It will help you to escape the Life Trap and live the way you really want. It could change your life – and bring a happier, more peaceful world.


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