Modern life

Modern life – as good as it gets?

We’re always too busy …we try to find happiness through consumption …our media are obsessed by celebrity …our communities are dying …where on earth are we going?

We have wealth that would have seemed inconceivable to previous generations, but many people find their lives deeply unsatisfying. Richard Docwra examines this paradox: he looks beneath the surface to see how we understand, are affected by, and deal with the world in our minds.

He identifies some common causes of our malaise: a key one being our society’s obsession with profit and economic growth, the effects of which seep into many unexpected areas of our lives-including our stress levels, how we behave with our friends, the sort of people we become, and our ability to make choices.

Modern Life: As Good As It Gets? examines how people can empower themselves with the necessary intellectual skills so they can lead truly self-determined lives in a complex world, and how we can put people and planet before profit.


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