Why should we use an agency?

A short while ago, I was asked by a fundraiser at a small-to-medium sized charity to draft them some notes about the benefits of using a fundraising agency, in order to help them convince their board to test it out.

When working with small-to-medium sized charities, we’ve often had to go through this process of ‘building the case for using an agency’ to non-fundraisers in the organisation before we can work with them (and are happy to do so, as it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to ask). I therefore thought it would be useful to post the notes on here – so whether you are a fundraiser looking to convince your board or a non-fundraiser seeking to understand the benefits of using an agency – I hope these notes are useful. Check them, and other papers, out at the ‘papers’ section of the ChangeStar site here, or via this direct link.

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