The moral footballer

A report in The Guardian today notes that a Newcastle United footballer has got into hot water with his club for refusing to wear the club shirt bearing the name of the club sponsor Wonga.

He’s apparently “refusing to promote the money-lending company on religious grounds and has offered to wear an unbranded shirt or one bearing the name of a charity”.  And I think you have to applaud him for taking a stand like this – he’s done it on religious grounds, but I think anyone could do it on moral grounds in promoting this sort of money lender – and we don’t see enough of people taking a stand like this against something that would be inconsistent with their values.

It’s not the easiest step to take – particularly in a world like that of football – but it sets a good example to all of us to stand by our principles (and do it in a reasonable way).  

Update 26th July 2013
It looks like a few other people feel the same way about this issue –

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