One planet living?

I’m in the process of writing a booklet for our forthcoming ‘Story of Energy’ project at Life Squared, and my suspicions are proving correct – it’s almost impossible to find a simple description of what a real 1 planet lifestyle would look like for the ordinary individual. Fill in a footprint calculator (like Bioregional’s) and even if you give answers that show the minimum level of impact, it still tells you you’re using over 2 planets’ resources. This may well be true (given the resource-hungry infrastructure around our lives) but even so, we need to know what a real one-planet lifestyle would look like. Otherwise how can anyone know what the green movement is aiming for? I get hugely frustrated with the good-intentioned but vague and fluffy resources and advice coming from even the biggest and best environmental organisations. Enjoinders to fly less and grow your own veg are fine, but until we build a more detailed and meaningful picture of what each person would need to do in order to live within their share of the planet, even the people with the best intentions are going to be living 2 planet lifestyles – and why bother doing this if you’re not going to do it properly? It really is time to define our goals and vision better as a movement – even if the reality of what we’re suggesting (a real one planet lifestyle) isn’t palatable to some people. We need to get real. And this might even encourage people to take more action now while we can.

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