Life and work coaching for Peter

Peter*, a successful businessman, asked me to to help him get some perspective on his work and life. He had recently sold his business and was struggling to work out how to use his time and skills in this new situation.

I ran a couple of coaching sessions with him to help him stand back and see what really mattered to him. Both of these sessions took place on walks in the countryside, as I felt this would help him to see things differently and think more clearly.

It proved to be a great success. Following a couple of sessions, I was pleased to receive this email from him:


Dear Richard

I would like to say how extremely helpful our meetings were. You quickly understood the key issues that were preventing me from moving my life forward.  Your insightfulness and clear thinking helped me unlock the answers that has meant that I have been able to see and plan for the things that I really wanted to achieve in life in a way that I wasn’t able to before.

Many thanks for your help!


To discuss how I could help you with coaching, please get in touch.

*not his real name!

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