Help for smaller charities

Many of the most vibrant and important organisations seeking change operate with very small budgets or staff numbers, and can find it difficult to access the help and support open to larger orgainsations. Also, smaller not-for-profit organisations can face quite specific challenges and issues that larger consultancy organisations do not cater for – such as a lack of people to actually implement the plans or recommendations that a consultancy exercise comes up with.

We’re therefore launching a new imprint of ChangeStar – called ChangeStar Jnr – which provides a range of services and support to address the specific challenges and issues that really matter to smaller not-for-profit organisations, and at a price that is realistic for them.

For many smaller organisations, the decision to use this type of service, and even to develop a strategic plan in the first place, can be a difficult one to make. It is easy to find reasons not to do it – for example, the organisation may feel it cannot afford to spend money on planning when it has other priorities. This short outline shows how important good planning is, no matter how small your organisation is. Quite simply, if you don’t plan, you’re very unlikely to achieve your aims.

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